Changing Your Name in SC After Getting Married

Steps to Change Your Name in SC After Marriage

Many people ask me about how to go about changing their name after they are married. Important: When you get married in South Carolina your name is not automatically changed to that of the person you married. To change your name is actually a simple process in theory, but can seem complicated if one is unprepared.

To change your name after getting married, you need to;

Step 1. Change the name on your Social Security number.

After your marriage ceremony you will receive an original of your license that is in fact your new Certificate of Marriage. If you wish to change your name to that of your new spouse or partner, the first step is to change your name with the Social Security administration.

social security name change

You can apply for a name change at the SS office in person or via mail.

For more information on a SS name change go here.

Note: I strongly suggest you do not mail in your original certificate of marriage if applying by mail for a new SS card. Get a certified copy from the court where you obtained your marriage license. It usually cost between $5.00 to $10.00 depending on the court.

Here are some links to the various courts to download the form you need to fill out to get a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

Richland County SC

Lexington County SC

Charleston County SC

2. Change the name on your government ID (s);

In SC you must wait at least 48 hours after visiting the SS office before going to the DMV to get your license or ID card with your new name. The waiting time is due to the fact that the SS administration needs to update their computer database. (If you made the change via mail and received a new SS card there is no waiting period required).

Afterwards changing your name with SS and waiting 48 hours (wait until you get your new card if you applied by mail) you can then apply at the DMV. Bring your original marriage certificate or a certified copy with you. For more information visit the SCDMV site here.

Step 3. You can then change your name on other accounts;

Once you have your new ID, you can change your name on your credit cards, bank accounts, voter registration, etc. .

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