Terms of Provided Services

By accepting an appointment and scheduling our service you agree and accept to the following, including the Terms Of Use as posted on our website.

thank you for your wedding appointment

Thank you for booking your wedding ceremony and/or photography with us! We promise to do our best for you! You should have already received a confirmation text confirming your wedding appointment for a certain date and time. This Terms of Provided Services details some additional information in order for us to better serve you. It also sets out some parameters of our agreement with you. We have probably already discussed your particular wedding date in detail, but there are a couple of additional items we need to cover. Please read through them carefully and let us know if you have questions.

completed south carolina marriage license

1. Be sure that you have your marriage license and that you bring it with you on your wedding day. It is illegal for us to perform a marriage ceremony without a license. When we arrive for your wedding ceremony the first thing we are going to ask for (after saying hello of course!) is your marriage license.We will also need to collect from you our agreed upon balance of the fee when we arrive.

start on time

2. Be sure your wedding ceremony starts at the scheduled time. We usually arrive at least 15 minutes early for even the smallest ceremony, and even earlier for larger weddings (usually one hour). We often may have multiple weddings scheduled on any given day. We understand that things happen and that your ceremony may start a little late. But, if the ceremony starts over 15 minutes late, there will be an additional charge of $20 for every 15 minute period past the scheduled start time. We also reserve the right to refuse to officiate your ceremony if it does not begin on time. Usually we build in some extra leeway but sometimes ceremonies can run really late and it isn’t fair to another scheduled couple for us to be late for their wedding. Also, if we arrive late and a couple has to wait for over 15 minutes to begin their ceremony because we were late then we will perform their ceremony for free. Fair is fair.

cancellation policy

3. Life happens. Sometimes you need to cancel. We understand that. Please let us know as soon as possible if you do need to cancel your appointment. However remember, Deposits are non-refundable! Why do we sometimes ask you for a deposit? It is because we have blocked out a particular time for you and there is little likelihood that we will be able to fill that time slot with another couple the closer we get to the date. Usually we only require a deposit in advance, but be advised that on some appointments we might ask you for payment in full in advance. It might be a busy day, you might be asking us to travel a long distance, or another couple has contacted us about performing their ceremony on the date and time we scheduled your ceremony. If we do require a further deposit or payment in full to reserve your date and time, then we will contact you and text or email you an invoice so that you can make payment. The email or text will state what the specific refund policy is for your wedding appointment.

4. Payment and deposits. We accept cash, check, CashApp, Venmo, Zelle or credit/debit cards for payment. To make an advance payment or pay a deposit, you can Zelle us your payment to “weddings@marriagenotary.com”, CashApp it to “$TheMarriageNotary”, Venmo it to “@Jack-Heape-1” or mail us a check to P.O. Box 25081, Columbia, SC 29224. We can also take a credit/debit card over the phone or in person (using a card requires a 3 % surcharge to cover processing costs). Any funds we receive we will email you a receipt.

shake hands

We look forward to helping you create the best day possible to celebrate your wedding. If you have any questions please give us a call at 803-446-3405. Thank you.