Wedding and Marriage Officiant Aiken

Wedding Officiant

I am a marriage notary officiant in South Carolina. It is my responsibility to acknowledge and legalize the marriage of a couple in order to validate their union for the purpose of legality. Law varies from state to state, but as long as you have your proof of identification card, the steps to get a marriage license are very simple. Call me at 803-446-3405 if you need an Aiken South Carolina Official Wedding Marriage Notary.


Marrying your soulmate? Choose the best wedding officiant for your once in a lifetime event. You can start planning your wedding process since this wedding will be joined by your family and friends. Making in worthwhile is something they will remember about your marriage. It does not have to be a lavish occasion as long as you are satisfied. I usually work with couples closely to make sure the plans and specifics are according to their wishes.


Aiken South Carolina Official Wedding Marriage Notary

It is your responsibility to provide your marriage license prior to the wedding and I will be the one to handle the signing and filing the document to the office. Naturally, you get a hard copy of this license for safe keeping and if you need it in the future. When you call me, I normally ask you questions to get to know you and most importantly, understand your relationship. I feel this is necessary since I will be the one to conduct the wedding rites. I want my clients to feel comfortable with me so that they will become comfortable on their wedding ceremony.


I will be at your wedding venue as early as possible to be of aid to your wedding attendants. I want to be ready for your big event and I am thrilled to know that I will be conducting a sacred marriage wherein two people share their vows in front of their friends and families. Of course, I will conduct the wedding rite according to what we have agreed upon and make your wedding extraordinary.

Notary Marriage Ceremony


Are you prepared? There are specific rules that needs to be followed if you are considering getting marriage in a notary marriage ceremony. Here’s an overview of what you need to comply:

  • Getting your marriage license
  • The notary public that will perform the marriage has to be commissioned
  • The wedding needs to be performed in South Carolina
  • The couple has to complete the wedding documentations after the ceremony

Optional Marriage Services


There are pros and cons to hiring a wedding planner. One thing, it costs money, and for something that can be as expensive as a wedding, extra costs matter. But will it really cost you? One thing a wedding planner can do is save you money. Usually more than their fee if you are having a very large event. They know who can do the best job, what the current rates are for various services, and can negotiate on your behalf. Plus, they can advise you on the little extra that you might like to have but that really in the end are not worth it.


Apart from officiating your marriage, I also have other services to offer to help make your event successful and worthwhile. These are the services you may optionally include:


  • Wedding song performed by a professional singer
  • Video of the ceremony
  • Keepsake Marriage Certificate
  • Bridal Bouquet for Bride
  • Boutonniere for Groom

Notary Officiant Near Me

My basic fee for South Carolina is usually $75, depending on the location and how far I might have to drive to your location. Please call for an exact quote.

You do not need a witness, it’s not a requirement. But of course, who does not want relatives, loved ones and even friends on your most special day? Celebrate your vows with important people beside you. It will totally be priceless to prepare a wedding vow, but if you haven’t prepared anything at all, I have a sample marriage vow you can use as a guideline. Do not worry about the signed marriage license. I personally take care of it to be recorded as soon as the ceremony is done.



Dreaming of a simple, fun and meaningful marriage? We can make this possible! South Carolina is one of the states that allows marriage to be held by notaries. Wherever you think your marriage will be blissful, I am glad to officiate the wedding for you. I currently service your area as the Aiken South Carolina Official Wedding Marriage Notary public. I will be glad to be a part of your special moment and I am willing to travel to perform the wedding ceremony. I have officiated many weddings in the past, and it is amazing to bind people together to be in a sacred ceremony of marriage.