Wedding and Marriage Officiant

If you are thinking of a nice way to marry the love of your life through Marriage Notary, that is possible if you are living in South Carolina. Right now, there are only three states in the US that allows this rule. It is very convenient, and you can marry your partner anytime, anywhere. I will be happy to officiate your dream wedding for you. I am authorized to hold weddings in South Carolina and I am very excited to be a part of something big — a once in a lifetime occasion wherein two people share their vows.
I have officiated many weddings in the past, and it is amazing to bind people together to be in a sacred ceremony of marriage. Make your wedding an affordable and exciting one by hiring a wedding and marriage officiant that is devoted to make your occasion memorable in every possible way.

Wedding Officiant

The main role of a wedding officiant is to witness the sacred exchanging of vows of the two people who are looking to get a marriage license. The officiant needs to validate their civil union for legal documentation and purposes. My basic fee for a South Carolina wedding is usually $75. You do not need a witness, it’s not a requirement.
But of course, who does not want relatives, loved ones and even friends on your most special day? Celebrate your vows with important people beside you. It will totally be priceless to prepare a wedding vow, but if you haven’t prepared anything at all, I have a sample marriage vow you can use as a guideline. Do not worry about the signed marriage license. I personally take care of it to be recorded as soon as the ceremony is done.

Notary Public Marriage

Nowadays, getting married is a lot easier, most especially in some States like South Carolina. For example, a notary public is also allowed to hold a marriage. But before anything, bear in mind that if you are thinking of marrying, you need to get a marriage license first. There are also requirements that the couple need to bring like their any government issued ID and proof of residence.
There are steps if you want to be married at the notary public, to get these information, you may call me anytime and I would be glad to answer your questions and help prepare your wedding.

Your Wedding Details

Apart from officiating your marriage, I also have other services to offer to help make your event successful and worthwhile. From choosing the right song that is relevant to your relationship, getting an elegant, beautiful keepsake marriage certificate, the bridal bouquet design and planning to the boutonniere the groom will wear on your special day, we got you covered. These are the services you may optionally include:
1. Wedding song performed by a professional singer
2. Video of the ceremony
3. Keepsake Marriage Certificate
4. Bridal Bouquet for Bride
5. Boutonniere for Groom
Thanks to the newest technology available today, we now have the ability to record the entire or special parts of your marriage. You may have your friend carry a camera for you, but it is always better to have a professional handle the videography for you. A wedding is one of the most important event that will occur in your life. No matter how many times you have been married, or if it is your first time.
Choosing the perfect dress, the perfect song, the best theme colour is really fantastic and exciting! Ever since Roman times, incorporating flowers on wedding days have been a tradition — and this tradition is applied up to now in the entire world. Did you know that the feeling of the bride is measured by the intensity of her bouquet? Talk to our bouquet designer and we will surely assist you get the best ideas.

Wedding Officiant Near Me

Getting married soon?  wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Let us make sure that nothing goes wrong and everything is done by professionals. I want my clients to feel comfortable and confident on their wedding day. Getting married in South Carolina is actually very easy. No witnesses or blood tests are required. All you need is a marriage license and someone to perform (officiate) the ceremony. You obtain the license at the local clerk of courts office (or probate office) by visiting in person (both parties), paying the fee, and showing your identification.
If you want to know more about wedding specifics, please call me at 803-446-3405 if you would like to schedule your ceremony or would like more information. I am excited about helping you plan your wedding and making it an affordable and exciting event!