The Wedding Kiss

The First Kiss

At the end of almost every wedding ceremony is “The Kiss”. The wedding officiant makes the pronouncement, the couple is married, and the officiant says “Congratulations, you may kiss your bride” or “Congratulations, you may seal your marriage with a kiss.” This is a very private and profound moment for the couple. Their first kiss as a married couple.

As a wedding officiant, I make every effort to NOT be in that picture. Unlike this gentleman here,

wedding ceremony first kiss

See the little peek a boo by the officiant there in the center of the picture? Awful!

I always step to the side before prompting the kiss. A couple does not need to see my smiling face for the rest of their marriage!

Rather, a first kiss photo should look like this,

first wedding kiss

Just the couple and no wedding officiant in the picture, anywhere!

So be sure to ask your officiant to step aside and stay out of the frame for that first kiss as a married couple. And if I am your wedding officiant I promise I won’t be!