Virtual Weddings in South Carolina

Need a virtual wedding?

virtual wedding

What exactly is a virtual wedding? A virtual wedding is where one or both of the parties meet with the officiant online and not in person. Recently, we received permission from DHEC (the governing authority for SC weddings) to perform virtual weddings. Both of the parties have to be in the state of SC and one of the parties has to be in the physical presence of the officiant. You must have a SC marriage license.

And who says virtual ceremonies can’t be just as romantic as in-person ones? If you want to get married online, we will help you create a personalized and unique experience that will be administered over Zoom or another video platform of your choice.

How does it work? First, you get a marriage license. We recommend you apply for one online through the Richland County Probate Court. See our post here to apply. Next, make an appointment with one of our officiants. We usually perform the ceremony outside (COVID you know) but we can perform the ceremony inside if you are going to Zoom or otherwise share the ceremony with others.

Prices start at $125. This includes a video recording of the ceremony.

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