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Your Wedding Day is a Love Story…Tell it to our Camera!

Yes we are wedding officiants, but we are also wedding photographers. If you need dependable and reasonably priced wedding photography for your elopement or small wedding, then give us call. We guarantee that we will be on time and in the frame for your special wedding ceremony. Our experience in celebrating the marriage of over 1000 couples gives us a special insight into telling your love story through pictures. We shoot the standard wedding picture shot list of course; family, ceremony, before and after. But we also try to capture the special, intimate moments that make your wedding day, a special day! So if you are in need of a wedding photographer for your special day, give us a call.

Take a look at our Wedding Photo Gallery to view some of our work.

Venues for Great Wedding Day Pictures

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The Columbia and Lexington area is filled with venues that are free and can make your wedding day a special picture day. The South Carolina Governors Mansion with its beautiful gardens are open to the public during the week. The Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park has several beautiful and scenic locations along the Broad River and around its historical buildings. The USC campus in downtown Columbia has many striking photographic opportunities around the Horseshoe. Virgina Hylton Park in Lexington has a wonderful creek side venue for a wedding. There are many other locations to choose from. Visit our free wedding venues page for a complete list.

Wedding Days at a Home

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Many couples want to have their special wedding day at their personal or family home. Don’t think your photograph memories will be limited just because you have your wedding at home! There are many spots around a home that can offer special intimate photos, like on a stairway, in the garden, in front of a fireplace, or even around a candle lit dining room table.

We offer a Combination Ceremony and Photography Package which starts at $225 for the Columbia area only. Additional fee required for all other areas in South Carolina. We video record and photograph the ceremony and take portrait photos after the ceremony for 30 minutes.  This results in a video of your ceremony and 20-30 photos. Click here to view a  video and gallery of a recent wedding that took advantage of our package.

For an example of a list of some of the photos included in our special, visit our Wedding Day Essential Photo Shot List post.

Our Photographic Equipment

We do not shoot weddings with consumer cameras. We use two professional grade Canon 5D MkIII cameras and a Canon 8D and Canon 6D as backup and video cameras. We have multiple flashes for primary and backup if needed, lighting umbrellas for flash and video, and LED light panels for continuous illumination. Using a professional grade camera is important for many reasons; 1. it has dual card clots to record and back up your digital images concurrently, 2. the image quality is very high, over 21 mega pixels, 3. professional cameras have full frame sensors while many consumer level cameras do not, 4. the print quality is higher, and 5. various sized lenses can be used as necessary.

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