Wedding and Marriage Officiant

Wedding Officiant


Thinking of a wedding celebration in Spartanburg? Anywhere you arrange to wed your partner, it has to happen according to your dreams. It is your wedding day, and you want to make the event big, memorable and fun. Wedding events are among the most valued celebrations of all time. This is exactly why a lot of people are very detail oriented – be it from flowers, theme colors, wedding invitations or choosing the right song related to your relationship. Moreover, tradition has touched and influenced marriage for the longest time.


So make sure you spend this time with the right people, the right wedding design and the right wedding officiant. I am glad to conduct the wedding for you. I currently service South Carolina as an official notary public. I will be glad to be a part of your special moment and I am willing to travel to perform the wedding ceremony. I have conducted many weddings in the past, and it is incredible to bind people as one to be in a sacred ceremony of marriage.

Marriage Notary

Did you know that marriage ceremonies can be done by notaries? I can officiate your wedding for you in South Carolina.


These are the services included:

  • Mobile Notary Signings
  • I agree to travel anywhere in South Carolina for your wedding
  • I can handle your legal documentations

Aside from officiating your marriage, I also have other services to offer to help make your event prosperous and worthwhile. These are the services you may optionally include:


Wedding song performed by a professional singer


A wedding is incomplete without a wedding song. We need to make sure the song is related to your chosen theme. There are various songs you can choose from. When choosing a song, consider something that tells your story and is relevant to your relationship. Talk to your partner about what specific song you like and rest-assured that our professional singers will give it their all to practice and make sure everything is according to what you like.

Video of the ceremony


Thanks to the newest technology and the never ending science of research, it is now possible to record your wedding event through videography– and not just any video, it will outstandingly look like a film! It is really cool to be able to look back on your wedding day by watching heartfelt videos of the ceremony. You are only going to marry this person once, so make sure the videographer captures the exciting moments right.

Keepsake Marriage Certificate

The Keepsake Marriage Certificate is one of the most important thing in your wedding ceremony. We have these certificates that looks extremely elegant and special.

sample marriage license

Bridal Bouquet for Bride

NIKON D700, AF 50mm f/1.4Gf/1.4, 1/1000, ISO 200, 50mm

A wedding is one of the most important event that will occur in your life. No matter how many times you have been married, or if it is your first time. Choosing the perfect dress, the perfect song, the best theme colour is really fantastic and exciting! Ever since Roman times, incorporating flowers on wedding days have been a tradition– and this tradition is applied up to now in the entire world. Did you know that the feeling of the bride is measured by the intensity of her bouquet? Talk to our bouquet designer and we will surely assist you get the best ideas.

Boutonniere for Groom

Couple eating wedding cake

The word “Boutonniere” obviously originated from France. Actually, a boutonniere is a flower placed on the groom’s suit. It has been an ongoing tradition. If you want to incorporate a Boutonniere for your groom, do not hesitate to talk to us to get the best results possible.

Wedding Officiant Near Me

Newly married couple having fun

Officiating marriage in South Carolina is very easy. No other witnesses nor blood examinations are required. All you will  need is a license and a person that will perform the wedding ceremony. You get the license at the local clerk of the court office by visiting in person (both parties), paying the fee, and showing your identification.

If you want to know more about wedding specifics, please call me at 803-446-3405 if you would like to schedule your ceremony or would like more information. I am excited about helping you plan your wedding and making it an affordable and exciting event!

Notary Public Marriage


If you still do not know, nowadays, marrying your special someone is very easy. The Notary public of South Carolina has been authorized to conduct marriage rites. You do not have to worry if you plan on marrying by the notary public, I will definitely assist you with your wedding plans.

Notary Marriage Ceremony


I have done many wedding ceremony in the past – being a Notary Public allows you to do the service for any couple as long they are in South Carolina. I have become a successful Notary Public servant years ago servicing the entire South Carolina. If you wish to be married in a Notary Marriage, call me and I will help you officiate your wedding. Let us make it remarkably worthwhile. Contact me today.